Telemetry Systems

Domestic and Industrial Gas and Water Metering Units

The company "RusTechnology" is the developer and manufacturer of intelligent telemetry units, as well as carries out design and implementation of integrated monitoring and control systems for water and gas supply facilities.

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  • Self-Sufficiency

    The BBT-4 (5, 5W) telemetry units provide 5 years of autonomous operation, BBT-4 (5, 5W)-2x - 10 years, when transmitting data once a month.

  • Compatibility

    It is possible to integrate a telemetry system with already used data accounting systems in the enterprise. Ready-made modules for secure integration.

  • Versatility

    The server software for data collection and processing (data collection system) is OpenSource.

  • Reliability

    The transfer of data on the flow of gas, water, electricity to the server of the supplier is provided over the GSM network in GPRS mode by ultrashort sessions.

  • Economy

    The domestic development of the telemetry system, the affordable price of the devices and absence of intermediate devices for collecting and transmitting data.

  • Convenience

    Perfect solution for monitoring the payment of utility services for rented housing.

Telemetry System

for the household sector

The autonomous system for data collecting from utility stations for gas, water, and electricity consumption accounting is based on the BBT-x communication module that is designed to monitor the operating parameters of household meters and meter readings via the GSM / GPRS standard cellular communication channel to the data collection server and AWP Operator and other users of the telemetry system.

Gas meters Water meters

User Interface

of telemerty system

End users are authorized in the telemetry system via a Web browser and can view monthly archives by consumption (meter readings) from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.

It is possible to display the received indications (data) both in the form of tables and graphs. Export is carried out manually or automatically in the formats XLS, PDF and 1C.

The BBT-x telemetry system users can also download free mobile applications developed by our specialists for remote viewing of data on the consumption of resources from their mobile devices running Apple iOS or Google Android.

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Telemetry Units

with power supply


Blocks are made in the climatic version of UHL category 3 according to GOST 15150-69. According to the resistance to mechanical influences telemetry modules belong to the group of performance N1 in accordance with GOST R 52931-2008. According to the degree of protection from the environment, the blocks correspond to the performance of IP 52 in accordance with GOST 14254-96.

Feature BBT-1 BBT-2 BBT-3
Design with external power supply with stand-alone power supply with gas detector support
Operating conditions ambient temperature: -40 to +60 C, relative air humidity up to 98%
Average service life, years 12
Mean time between failures, h 60 000
Frequency bands, MHz GSM-GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
Data transfer GPRS Class 10/8, CSD up to 14,4 Kbps, built-in TCP/IP protocol
Overall dimensions, mm 190*100*80(60)
Weight, kg, not more than 1
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Telemetry blocks and modules

for domestic gas/water/electricity meters

Gas control


  • Stand-alone power supply (5 years of autonomous operation, 10 years with add. storage battery 2x)
  • For gas meters with pulse output
  • Frequency bands: GSM-GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
  • Data transfer: GPRS Class12V, TCP/IP protocol
  • Technical Specs
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  • Telemetry unit for domestic gas meters
  • Stand-alone power supply (5 years of autonomous operation, 10 years with add. storage battery 2x)
  • With low-frequency reed switch
  • For gas meters: Elster G2,5 G4 G6
  • Technical Specs
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Water control


  • Telemetry unit for domestic cold/hot water meters
  • Stand-alone power supply (5 years of autonomous operation, 10 years with add. storage battery 2x)
  • Automatic collection and transmission of readings
  • 2 counting channels (hot and cold water)
  • Technical Specs
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Electricity control


  • Telemetry unit for domestic electricity meters
  • Stand-alone power supply (5 years of autonomous operation, 10 years with add. storage battery 2x)
  • Remote data collection and transmission on electricity consumption
  • Perfect solution for housing and communal services
  • Technical Specs
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Universal Telemetry Modules UMT


Universal telemetry modules UMT Gv1 / v2 / v3 are designed for building wireless telemetry systems based on GSM / ZigBee / LoraWan communication networks.

Application: gas facilities, enterprises working in the field of housing and communal services, companies operating electrical distribution networks, water supply companies. Modules provide automatic collection of information about consumed utility resources (gas, water, electricity) from meters and transfers them to a server for collecting, storing and processing information.

Gas meters with telemetry

Automatic data transmission, the BBT-5 telemetry unit

We offer reliable, compact domestic gas meters equipped with a telemetry system based on the BBT-5 unit:

  • Membrane gas meters "Berestye" KG4 (time-tested German quality, synthetic membrane, case made of galvanized steel (hot zinc), magnetic coupling, calibration interval - 8 years).
  • Gas meters "Elster" BK G4 (diaphragm household gas meter, bimetallic thermocompensation, the possibility of thermal correction, calibration interval - 10 years).
  • All telemetry units for meters are certified by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology. The test report #3825/15 dated June 9, 2016.

  • The power supply inside the BBT-x enclosure provides autonomous operation of the telemetry system for at least 5 years (standard version) / 10 years (modification with add. storage battery 2x) in normal mode.

News & Articles

The Uzbekistan International Global Oil & Gas (OGU) Exhibition & Conference

The Uzbekistan International Global Oil & Gas (OGU) Exhibition & Conference

We presented our products at the exhibition "Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan - OGU 2017" - the largest international exhibition of the country, covering all key sectors of the oil and gas market.
Telemetry for gas meters

Meters with a telemetry system installation

"Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Pyatigorsk" is completing the first stage of a large-scale program to introduce an automated system for collecting data on gas consumption from gas metering devices equipped with telemetry.


From 17 to 20 April 2017, the 17th international exhibition "Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Complex" was held in Moscow, which represents the latest technologies and equipment for the oil and gas industry in Russia.

Reliable partnership

Our company is focused on long-term cooperation, we are actively investing in the production of modern equipment and development of the latest software products, guaranteeing our customers a quality after-sales service that includes technical support and service maintenance of complex automated systems.

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